superiorbushidoman said: It just is an ad for reaction gif dot com lol wth it doesn’t play

That’s tumblr being annoying for you, I had to take it off, but it was this gif lol..

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Anonymous said: let me lick your face you look delicious

So out of all the anons I receive I thought about answering this one, since its the most “PG” one. Listen sexually frustrated males in my ask box, I don’t reblog porn gifs because I’m sexually needy or because I want to look like a loose slut, or because I crave penis 24/7 (I said 3 things that mean the same thing just to make this look lengthier), I post it cause it’s incredibly sexy and I fucking like it. I don’t want to log in my Tumblr, check my ask box and read how you want to position me in some weird ass position that sounds more painful than pleasurable. I also don’t want to know what weird fetishes you have, and I’m definitely not going to send you nudes. If you’re looking for a sex/porn blog their are literally DOZENS of them everywhere on this site. So I’ve come to an awesome decision to turn off my anon so maybe all you depraved folks can rightfully fuck off. 

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So Thor is now being replaced by a woman. Not even replaced he’s just not going to wield the hammer anymore. Its not that I hate change, its not that I hate the idea of a possible female Thor its that.. WHY? I know Thor was a frog/alien, I get it, but he was still THOR. Now he’s being pushed back. It could’ve been a guy and I still would’ve raged. I grew up with this character. I got into Norse Mythology thanks to him. Why couldn’t Marvel just create a new badass female? New characters, instead they are hitting reset on main ones… 

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Slipknot is coming out with a new album. Motherfuckers. In the words of Borat himself "HAPPY TIMES"

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